Dermal Filler Facelifts In Shrewsbury

Facelifts In ShrewsburyThe 8-point lift is a focused version of the dermal filler’s treatment. The treatment uses four syringes of the highest quality fillers to target areas of the face where volume has been lost.

We being to lose volume in our fat pads from 30 onwards which results in a drooping appearance particularly around the mouth, cheeks and jawline.

The 8-point lift contours the face to create plump and lifted cheeks and jaw in a less invasive way than a traditional face lift.

It will add harmony to the face and restore youthfulness without leaving you looking frozen.

For best results we recommend repeat treatments every 6 months. 25% of people usually have a repeat treatment 1 month later which is usually when the filler has settled into the tissue.

This allows us to target the areas which need it most, helping to gradually build volume reversing the ageing process in the gentlest way possible to leave you looking and feeling your best.

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